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Aspen - Free Standing (40MM SEG Extrusion) - 5 FT. W x 7 FT. H - (Frame Only)

Aspen - Free Standing (40MM SEG Extrusion) - 5 FT. W x 7 FT. H - (Frame Only)

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Fabric Care Instructions

General Tips:

-Wrinkles can be removed
from fabric with a cool
iron or steamer.

-Fabric can be machine
washed - use cold water,
delicate cycle.

-Do NOT bleach fabric

-Do NOT tumble dry. Fabric
must be air dried on the frame
to prevent shrinking.

Handling Tips:

1. If your exhibit fabric has a zipper, please keep zipper closed for storage.
2. Wrinkles can be removed with cool iron or fabric steamer.
3. Fabric should NOT be stored when damp or wet. Store in cool, dry area.
4. For storing graphics please remove from plastic packaging that was
provided and keep fabric in cool/dry place.


1. Your fabric graphic can be machine washed. Remove any
hardware attached to the fabric prior to cleaning. Use MILD
soap and cool water. Air dry fabric, dry on frame if frame
is available.
2. Fabric must be COMPLETELY dry prior to storing.

Stain Treatment:

1. Treat stain from backside of fabric.
2. Remove as much of debris as possible with a soft bristle
brush (do NOT rub too hard)
3. Use a clean, lint-free white cloth. Lightly pat the stain from
the outside moving in (to keep stain from spreading)
4. If a cleaning solution is used, rinse the area well with water to
ensure NO solution is left on fabric.
5. Most stains can be treated with household fabric stain removers.
It is ALWAYS important to test how the solution will react to the
fabric. This can be tested by dabbing solution to a small corner of
the fabric. Most household cleaners will provide treatment
instructions depending on the type of stain.

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SKU: A4D-WS-765

Product Overview -

A classic in the Resort Extrusion collection, the Aspen SEG Fabric Frame is the perfect blend of versatility and class. Aspen's outside finish has a line groove, like an indented stripe, for added style, but is purposeful for easily installing accessories. This freestanding option is great for showrooms, retail stores or anywhere needing that extra marketing power.

The ASPEN Free Standing has a profile width of 40mm. (.1.57in.). The outside finish is solid with a groove line in the center of the extrusion. The silicone beading can fit 12mm. (.47 in)deep and 4 mm. (.15 in.) wide into the trough of the frame. Not compatible with lights (cannot be backlit).

Quick Install and Set Up Overview

First take out all your parts and pieces out of the box. Lay out the extrusion according to the size purchase. Use the corner brackets to fasten each end of the stick. Tighten the brackets with the Allen Wrench provided.

Next you hall want to add on your feet (Provided with Graphic Package and/or Hardware Only options) to the bottom of your frame.

Then place your SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) Graphics into the frame grooves, keeping a tight and finished look.

Product Applications:

  • Wall Decoration for home & office

  • Retail store wall advertising

  • Locker rooms

  • and Much more

Graphic Package Includes:

  • Frame w/ L corner Brackets

  • (2) Aspen Flat Feet with Screws

  • (2) Single-sided Fabric Graphics w/ Silicone edging

Graphic Only Includes:

  • (1) Single-sided Fabric Graphics w/ Silicone edging
    **If you need the backside as well. Don hat forget to increase your quantity when ordering.**


  • Material: Stretch Fabric

  • Print Process: Dye Sub Printing

  • Warranty: One (1) year on graphics

  • Shipping Dimensions: (1) Shipping Box

Looking for a wall mounted version check out our Aspen Slim, Vail 40S and/or Aspen Wall Mounted options? If you need a bigger and taller size then check out our Vail 120 DB option.


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