Collection: Backlit Tower Displays

Stand Out with Eye-Catching Backlit Tower Displays and Columns

Backlit tower displays provide an illuminated focal point that captivates audiences at trade shows, special events, retail spaces and more. When you need a display that grabs attention, towers make your brand impossible to ignore. All4Displays offers three distinct styles of backlit towers so you can find the perfect solution for your needs.

Work With Our Experts to Create the Ideal Backlit Exhibit

The team at All4Displays can help you determine the right mix of backlit towers for your needs and handle all aspects of bringing your exhibit vision to life.

First, we help select the best tower display styles and sizes to achieve your goals and fit your space constraints. Next, our graphic designers create stunning illuminated graphics that surround the structures. We also offer accessories like shelving, counters, seating and more to enhance your towers.

Our trade show specialists oversee the entire fabrication process to ensure your custom illuminated exhibit exceeds expectations. We take care of printing, production, lighting, shipping, and setup so you can focus on promoting your brand.

Rely on the experts at All4Displays to create a visually striking trade show exhibit with backlit towers that captivate attendees and funnel them into your booth. Contact us today to get started!

Inflatable Backlit Towers Display Stunning Stretch Fabric Graphics

Inflatable backlit towers utilize air pressure to span tall heights while remaining lightweight and packable. These displays feature stunning seamless dye-sublimated stretch fabric graphics that are illuminated from within the structure's framework.

Benefits of Inflatable Backlit Towers

  • Rapid Inflation - Towers fully inflate in just seconds with an electric air pump. Deflate just as quickly with the push of a button.
  • Lightweight and Portable - Inflatable towers weigh under 15 lbs for easy transport and storage when deflated.
  • Sturdy Internal Structure - Air beams create a rigid frame that supports attached graphics smoothly.
  • Seamless Fabric Graphics - Dye-sublimated stretch fabric graphics wrap around the entire tower tightly.
  • Vibrant Backlighting - Inner LED lighting illuminates graphics brilliantly from within.
  • Wrinkle-Free Material - Once inflated, the fabric tightens for smooth, crisp graphics.
  • Quick Set Up - Just unpack, inflate, plug in lighting, and display. Deflates for packing easily.
  • Remote Control Operation - Some models can inflate remotely via controller for convenience.
  • 360 Degree Visibility - With graphics covering all sides, towers grab attention from all angles.

For maximum visual impact at your next trade show or event, inflatable backlit towers display your branding boldly while still remaining portable. The eye-catching illuminated structures make your message impossible to miss.

SEG Fabric Tower Displays Provide Smooth Surface and Easy Graphics

SEG frame towers utilize lightweight aluminum extrusion frames with silicone edge fabric graphics that fit seamlessly into frame channels. This combo ensures crisp, vivid graphics that are easy to install and switch out.

Benefits of SEG Backlit Tower Displays

  • Aluminum Extrusion Frames - Lightweight for portability yet strong for stability. Easy tool-free assembly.
  • Silicone-Edged Graphics - Ultra-stretch fabric is bonded to firm silicone strips that fit snugly into frame slots.
  • Interchangeable Graphics - Switch out graphic panels easily by swapping silicone edge strips.
  • Vibrant Dye-Sublimation Printing - Graphics retain rich colors, sharpness and photorealistic quality.
  • Front or Backlighting - Towers can illuminate from behind or front for flexibility.
  • Wide Range of Sizes - Towers span 7ft up to 16ft in height to match space constraints.
  • Sturdy Engineering - Built ruggedly to withstand trade show transportation and use.
  • Upscale Appearance - The clean, seamless graphic finish gives a modern, polished look.

For backlit fabric tower displays with consistent crispness and easy graphics changes, SEG extrusion frames are the perfect choice.

Backlit Fabric Towers on Collapsible Tubing Frames Offer Portability

For exhibits where easy portability is key, backlit towers with collapsible tubing frames pack away into compact shipping cases. These displays combine aluminum tube frames with stretch fabric graphics.

Benefits of Backlit Tubing Frame Towers

  • Aluminum Tubing Frame - Lightweight tubes connect via push-button connectors.
  • Carrying Case - Frame packs neatly into a portable wheeled transit case.
  • Pillowcase Fabric Graphics - Slip over the frame and zip closed at the bottom.
  • Top Down LED Lighting - Lights illuminate from the top of the frame throughout.
  • 360 Degree Visible Graphics - Print all around the frame for a fully immersive display.
  • Fast Set Up - Simply assemble frame, add graphics, plug in lights.
  • Range of Heights - Towers available from 7ft up to 12ft tall.
  • Sturdy Base - Towers sit atop heavy white plastic bases for stability.

For impressive towering lightbox displays that pack up for easy transport, collapsible tubing towers are the perfect choice.

The Benefits of Using Backlit Towers at Trade Shows and Events

No matter which backlit tower display you choose, incorporating tall illuminated structures into your event or exhibit provides many advantages:

  • Grab Attention - The bright glow naturally draws eyes from all areas of the room.
  • Showcase Branding - Illuminated graphics make logos and messaging pop.
  • Add Dimension - Towers bring height and depth to your booth layout.
  • Define Areas - Use towers to highlight zones like lounges, demo areas, etc.
  • Direct Traffic Flow - Guide attendees through your space with strategic tower placement.
  • Be Seen from Afar - Tall shapes stand out so you don’t blend into the exhibition hall.
  • Display Products - Incorporate shelves to show off featured or new products.
  • Provide Privacy - Cylinder towers create semi-private nooks for meetings.
  • Create Photo Ops - Encourage social shares by making your towers fun and interactive.
  • Reinforce Messaging - Towers act as oversized posters to emphasize your branding.
  • Reconfigure Layouts - Move towers to change the look for future shows.